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How to Increase Breast Size By Massage At Home in 4 Simple Steps

how to increase breast size by massage

In a world where you consistently see the ideal 36-24-36 models onscreen, it is not possible to completely avoid them. More often, we tend to envy the perfect figures and curves portrayed by these women. And why not! Definitely, there are ways to achieve that body. You can hit the gym and work on your abs and waist. In a few months, you can see the results. But what about your breasts? In this article, we will tell you how to increase breast size by massage!

If your upper body is not your ideal curve, these breast massage for growth tips is likely to help you. It is about time that you ditch the padded bras and get the flawless body you desire.

How To Increase Breast Size By Massage – A Step by step Guide

Massaging your own breasts may not sound like a complicated task. No wonder, it is not rocket science. However, there are certain points to take care of while following breast enlargement massage steps.

Here is everything you need to know on breast massage for growth:

Step 1: Rub Your Palms Together For Warmth

The whole point of massage is to induce some warmth that would eventually lead to relaxation. For self-breast massage to increase breast size, the same coziness is to be required. Anyhow, a touch of cold and rough hands on top of your soft bosoms will not feel good. So the very first step is to slightly rub your palms together for some warmth. When your hands are warm enough, you should gently place them on the top of your breasts.

Step 2: Use Oil or Moisturizer

Now that your body is ready for breast enlargement massage steps, it is time to pick your best oil or moisturizer. Mild creams and oils avoid friction between the skin of your mammary glands and your palms. It is easier to take control of your massage technique when you have sufficient oil or moisturizer rubbed.

Besides being a great support to the palm, oils and creams also uplift breast enlargement by offering the much-needed nutrients. These nutrients effectively promote your health and fulfill the purpose of increasing breast size.

Here are a few beneficial massage oils for breast enlargement.

Step 3: Inward Circular Motion

If you are a beginner at the art of breast massage, you may take turns. First, rub your left breast then your right, or vice-versa. But both your mighty bosom can be massaged at once. The trick is to keep the motion circular. Try to move your hands inwards and in circles. Make full circles that are directed towards the inner side of your chest.Inward Circular Motion - breast massage

Step 4: Apply Moderate Pressure

A massage is supposed to be a light and soothing form of relaxation. It is important to apply moderate pressure to your breasts. If you put very little pressure, you will not be able to feel anything. But if you put high pressure, you can end up hurting yourself. Needless to say, breasts are sensitive body parts and need to be handled (in this case, massaged) with care.Apply Moderate Pressure - breast massage

Why Should You Choose Breast Massage For Growth?

Indian Icons like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor, and more have given us major goals for the ultimate female body. It is obvious that any person who considerably has small breasts would want to increase their breast size to feel just as fanciful as these actresses. But why should you massage your breasts, you ask?

Here are the top benefits of breast enlargement massage steps:

  • Toned and firm breasts – Have you noticed how your breasts fall down as soon as you take off your bra? For some, it is more visible. Sagginess of the bosom is a common issue faced by a lot of women. You can make your chest firm and toned by doing massage regularly.
  • Better blood circulation – When you follow the above-given steps on how to do breast massage to increase size, the flow of blood in your upper body is boosted. The blood circulation in the bosom is improved through the process of rubbing down.
  • Reduced risk of blood cancer – If you massage your breasts frequently, you would be aware of your body in a better way. Breast cancer self-examination includes examining the breasts for lumps, change in shape, size, or color in the part. It is easier to pick up early signs of perhaps-developing breast cancer if the bosom is massaged on a regular basis.
  • Relieves PMS – Various studies have suggested that certain symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) are also soothed with the help of massage.
  • Helps in the release of growth hormones – If you rub your mammary glands, the body releases more oxygen and nutrients flowing towards the breast tissue. This process supports the development of breast enlargement.

Is The Breast Massage For Growth Safe?

The biggest advantage of a breast massage is the fact that it is totally risk-free. There are several other options available in medical science like breast implants that can help in increasing breast size. However, needless to say, surgery is almost always risky.

The boon of a breast massage is that it does not involve any dangers. It only ups your self-image by your own hand.

There are only a few things to bear in mind to keep the process smooth and stress-free.

Things To Remember

The process of rubbing down the breasts is entirely safe and secure. You only need to follow the step-wise guide offered above and remember the following points to avoid any discomfort.

  • Be patient with the results – Self breast massage to increase breast size is a slow process. The results will only gradually. You will continue to feel the reform on the very first day itself. Nonetheless, the overall size increment will be clear to the eye much later.
  • Do not put oil or cream that does not suit you – Imagine an XYZ brand of moisturizer does not suit you. It causes itching and burning to your hand. It is likely to cause the same sensations to your breasts as well. If you know of some product that does not feel appropriate to you, totally avoid using it. Our top choices for oil or moisturizer for massage are coconut oil, almond oil, aloe vera gel, flaxseed oil, breast enlargement creams, fennel oil, and olive oil. There is a wide range of serums available in the market, too.
  • Be frequent – You should massage your bosom each day for nearly 5-10 minutes to see the expected results. The intended time would bring about a total of 300 inwards circular motions.
  • Use a heating pad – If you want to improve your breast massage sessions, you should choose to include a heating pad. Making use of a heating pad is not a necessity. It is merely an addition you can make to benefit more from the massage sessions.
NOTE – Do not overheat the pad and put it to your skin. It can cause serious burns or injury.
  • Massage after a warm bath – If you are not using a heating pad, you should choose to massage your breast right after a warm bath. The warm water helps in the opening of pores for better circulation and absorption.
  • Do not massage the nipples – Nipples are highly sensitive to touch. If you use any pressure on the nipples or the area around them, you may as well irritate this area and hurt yourself.
  • Prefer the fingertips – The top portion of your fingertips is considered the most appropriate for a massage on the bosom. The reason being its ability to increase circulation and reach all points of the breast.

Are There Any Disadvantages To A Breast Massage?

Besides the point that it may make you tired, no, there are no drawbacks to a breast massage.

To avoid feeling exhausted, prefer night time to massage your breasts. You can rest afterwards and the hormones are said to be most active during this time.

The Concluding Point

So if you have been worried about your small-sized chest, here is your stress buster. All you have to do is learn how to increase breast size by massage.

Stay tuned for more on self-care tips and techniques.

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